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Experience Guatemala for Two!

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Global Visionaries’ special package starts with the comfort of being cared for and guided by GV’s beloved Country Coordinators, Mario Flores & Aurelio Hernandez! Accommodations and meals in Antigua include staying six days in the home of one Global Visionaries’ favorite families and one romantic night at Hotel La Sin Ventura, one block from the Central Park. Meals include one dinner at The Welten, one of Antigua’s finest restaurants, as well as a dinner for two provided by GV’s long-time favorite hangout spot, Cafe Sky.

Spend your week sightseeing, relaxing, and/or volunteering at one of Global Visionaries’ ongoing projects (including school construction, reforestation projects or volunteering in the hospital), enjoying one-on-one Spanish language lessons at Centro Lingüistico La Unión, and going on a variety of field trips. This package includes a tour to beautiful Lake Atitlán, surrounded by three volcanoes and Mayan villages. Next, journey to Chichicastenango. The small, stucco-white town is situated on the crest of a mountaintop, at an altitude of 6,447 feet. This town's outdoor market is the oldest and largest of the Mayan world. Located next to the 400-year old church of Santo Tomás, the market is also built atop a Pre-Columbian platform, with steps that originally led to a temple of the pre-Hispanic Maya civilization; Maya Shamans still use the church there for their rituals, regularly burning incense and candles. An event to remember, Global Visionaries style!